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Making My Husband Suck Cock


"Hunny, come to me, I want to talk to you," I begin as I sit my husband down to have a little discussion with him. I go on to tell him that our sex life is horrible, that I've grown bored with our relationship, and that I think it's time we go our separate ways. He doesn't take the news very well and begs for me not to leave him. He pleads with me and tells me that he'll do anything I want if I just give him another chance and stay with him. I tell him I'll think about it but first I need to tutor one of my slaves who's learning how to speak Russian. I send my husband off to fetch me a glass of water and when he returns I tell him that, if he really wants to be with me, he has to SUCK my slave's hard cock. He doesn't want to do it but is so afraid of losing me that he does it anyway as I watch and laugh. He proves his loyalty to me by choking on my slave's dick so I decide to keep him around a bit longer... but not before sending him away to jerk-off while I fuck my slave after the camera stops rolling!

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