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Dual Mistresses Cock and Nipple Torture!


All decked-out in sexy leather outfits, Mistress Miranda are missing one important thing: a slave! Thankfully we always happen to have one close by at all times. As he lays on the floor, his upper body covered in leather, we make this slave suck our heels while I stand on him and trample him with all of my weight. Mistress Miranda smothers his face with her leather gloves before squeezing his nipples hard. I make him worship my leather boots and then cover his face with my hands as Mistress Miranda tightly binds his cock in leather. I take a seat on his face and make him smell my ass as my fellow dominatrix friend uses a rope to pull on the slave's balls. He writhes and groans in agony as she steps on his cock and tugs on his swollen nuts. When Mistress Miranda is done tormenting his dick and nuts she joins me in torturing his tender nipples!

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