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Fist-Fucking My Slave's Asshole


I make my slave get on his knees and fasten his arms tightly so he can't move. I put on a pair of latex gloves and explore his asshole with my hands. "Such a beautiful asshole, you fucking slut!" I tell him. I slide a finger in and out of his tight ass and then try fitting in a second and even a third! "I think you need to be fucked with my strap-on," I inform him. I position myself behind him and slide my big, fake cock in and out of him while he cries out in pain. This is his first time getting fucked in the ass and it's definitely not very comfortable for him! I pound his asshole hard from behind with the thick strap-on and make him take every inch deep in his tight shit hole. Once his asshole is nice and loose, I have him lay back and proceed to shove my entire fist into him!

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